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Red, White, and Blue Barona!

Mrs. Barona shows us her patriotic outfit.

In February 2018, history happens. In other words, the Olympics start. This is the one time in every four years that the world comes together as one, and competes in a variety of winter sports. The Summer and Winter Olympics take turns every four years, and this time it’s winters turn. One teacher at GBMS loves the Olympics so much she wore a truly stylish and patriotic outfit. But why did she? Mrs. Barona says that she wore her wonderful wardrobe because she wanted to show her pride for our country, and love for the Olympics. Thanks for making our day, Mrs. B!

Mrs. Grace named this year’s Non- Instructional Employee of the Year

During the month of November, one very special non-instructional employee is named the non-instructional employee of the year. This year, GBMS’s non-instructional honoree is Mrs. Becky Grace. In order for Mrs. Grace to be selected, her peers must vote for her. What makes Mrs. Grace the perfect winner “is how her spirit and caring nature have a tremendous impact on the culture of our school,” states GBMS principal Mr. Michael Brandon. Mrs. Grace was presented with this amazing award during a faculty meeting on Monday, November 13. Congratulations Mrs. Grace! 

Mrs. Morgan Chosen as Teacher of the Year

Recently, Mrs. Christy Morgan, a math teacher for 7th and 8th grade students, was chosen as the Teacher of the Year. The Teacher of the Year Award is given to teachers who have been determined by other teachers. Many students enjoy Mrs. Morgan’s class, such as Deanna Harwell in the 8th grade When asked if Mrs. Morgan deserved the teacher of the year award, Deanna said, “Yes, because she works hard to give her students the education that they deserve.” Two other students, Camelia Nguyen, 8th grade, and Grace Mims, 8th grade, both said that they enjoyed how funny she was. Mrs. Morgan is a great teacher for our school and it really shows. 

GBMS supports Old Glory Relay!

On November 1, the Old Glory Relay passed by GBMS. As a school we went out to cheer on this leg of the relay. The old glory relay has 70 teams sporadically placed from Seattle, Washington to Tampa, Florida to run or walk their leg of the relay. The goal of this relay is to support veterans and to carry one American flag across the country by trading off from one team to the other over the course of 62 days and 4,600 miles. This year’s theme is Unity. According to the Old Glory Relay website, “Old Glory stands for much, in a world with much need: freedom, opportunity, safety, expression, pride, belonging and diversity. The last two, never mutually exclusive, always mutually supportive.”

Watch out! Warr in the kitchen!

GBMS welcomes and congratulates Ms. Warr on her new position as cafeteria manager.

Recently, GBMS recruited a new cafeteria manager, Ms. Brandy Warr. Ms. Warr moved here to Florida back in 2011, and she previously lived in Tennessee. When she first moved here, she worked at Woodlawn Beach Middle School as head cook. She then moved on to Gulf Breeze High School where she was the assistant manager. Originally, Ms. Warr came to GBMS as an interim manager but decided to run for the position of manager when she got the chance because, “I really liked the staff and the kids so I decided to apply for the position.” As manager, Ms. Warr is responsible for ordering food and supplies, inventory, paperwork, the staff, and feeding the students. When asked what her favorite part of her job was, she responded saying, “I like everything about it. The staff and kids are awesome.” Though Ms. Warr is new, we’re sure she’ll be a great addition to the GBMS staff and community. (Raven Price, staff writer)

New resource Officer, Greg Baker, Joins GBMS

September 18, 2017–This year we are welcoming our new resource officer, Greg Baker. Officer Baker went to

Officer Baker enjoys getting to know the GBMS students during lunch.

both GBMS and GBHS himself as a student. Before he became our resource officer he was an investigator. Officer Baker claimed, “It has been a big adjustment,” because he has never been a resource officer before. He enjoys our middle school so far. On a daily basis, he is here just in case something goes wrong or if a student wants to talk. (Molly Clark and Meghan Thacker, writers)

Welcome to the new daytime custodian

September 18, 2017–Another new addition to our staff this year is custodian Mr. Bryan Bliss. He is not a native Floridian but he is excited to be at GBMS! Every day is a new day, but he is planning on staying in Gulf Breeze long-term. When asked if he is enjoying GBMS, he answered a definite yes: “It’s a good school.” Mr. Bryan strongly believes that middle school is a time of growth and independence, and he encourages students to clean up after themselves and “stop wasting fruit.” Mr. Bryan is hopeful for a great year ahead! (Coral Coad and McKell Spring, writers)

Shawn Mendes sighting

August, 2017–Over the summer, Shawn Mendes, a male pop singer, took a pit stop in Pensacola Beach on his way to another city in Florida for his tour. Many students from GBMS found him at Margaritaville on the beach playing spike ball with his bandmates. Mendes was surrounded by a huge crowd of fans. He was very kind to those he met and let them take photos with him and even let them post it on social media. He later left Margaritaville that night. Thanks for stopping by! (Meghan Thacker, writer)

Taylor Reeves still swinging away

August, 2017–Taylor Reeves, 8th grade, continues to shine in golf. Over the summer she added a few more impressive accomplishments to her ever-growing list. She placed 2nd in the prestigious A. Downing Gray Cup at the Pensacola Country Club. Then, Taylor participated in the Subregional PGA Drive, Chip, and Putt competition in Prattville, Alabama. According to her mother, Cindy Reeves, “She came in 2nd, which qualifies her to compete in the Regional event at TPC Sawgrass in Jacksonville in September. If she makes it there, she will be at the Masters next spring!” GBMS is rooting for you, Taylor! To read more about Taylor’s golf accomplishments, click here:

Older news…

GBMS Creates an Escape Room

Throughout the past few months, Mrs. Freeman’s gifted class has been working diligently on developing an escape room at GBMS, after learning from their field trip to Escape on Palafox in the previous year. An escape room is where people solve a series of complex puzzles, codes, and other items in order to “escape” a scenario. The scenario of the escape room at GBMS is a sinking submarine off the coast of Hawaii. Groups of parents, students, and teachers have all come to play this difficult room. The escape room that the gifted kids have created certainly demonstrates the brilliance of GBMS students

Duke TIP Students Honored at School Board

Several GBMS students were honored at a recent Santa Rosa County School Board meeting for their extraordinary performance in the Duke TIP program. They all received state recognition. The students were: Sydney Burge, Haley Cartee, James Hu, Camellia Nguyen, Maxine Nguyen, and Lauren Toms. Duke TIP (Talent Identification Program) helps gifted and talented students from around the country find challenging and interesting academic programs as enrichment. During Duke TIP’s 7th grade talent search, students take either the ACT or SAT, the same tests that high school students take for college entrance. Students who score in the higher ranges in 7th grade are eligible for various programs offered by Duke TIP, as well as an analysis of their strengths. Congratulations to all the GBMS students who did well this year!

GBMS students receive their recognition at the SRC School Board meeting, along with Mr. Brandon, Mr. Scott Peden (school board chair), and Mr. Wyrosdick (SRC School Superintendent).

Ellie Johnson Earns More Accolades

Ellie Johnson was also recently honored as one of Santa Rosa County’s best volunteers. She won the Youth Volunteer of the Year award for her work as a volunteer at Gulf Breeze Elementary. For more about Ellie, see her Student Spotlight article here.

Decesare Maps His Way to State

Steven Decesare recently competed in the state level competition of the National Geographic Bee. Mrs. Considine went along as well. While he didn’t advance to the national level this year, Steven had an amazing run! Steven had a positive outlook saying, ” I remember that you had to be one of the best students in Florida to even reach the competition and that the life experience gained from the bee is more important than first place.” For more about his previous bee performance, please click here.

Steven Decesare and Mrs. Considine enjoyed their trip to the state competition of the National Geographic Bee.

Rotary Essay Winner

Congratulations go out to GBMS winners in the recent Rotary essay contest. Ava Kessler, 6th grade, won the contest with a cash prize of $100, and was invited to read her essay at the Rotary Club breakfast. She wrote about how this test can be applied to decisions concerning global warming and personal decisions related to her friends. Adrienne Flowers and Isa Patroni tied for 2nd place and each took home $50 prizes.

Mr. Mike Stahl, Adrienne Flowers, Ava Kessler, Isa Patroni, Ms. Cornelius, Ms. Ratte, Ms. Turk, and Mr. Brandon all celebrate the excellent essays written by these GBMS students.

Banned Toys

Recently here at GBMS toys have become a problem due to the distractions they cause in class. There are many different types of toys that are banned at school, and recently, more have been taken away because of causing disruptions. Fidget toys, spinners, and Beyblades have all recently been the source of classroom problems. There have even been things taken away that were made or created at school, such as the “slime” some students made in science class. When Mr. Renfroe talked about the problem, he said, “Anything considered a toy is not supposed to be brought to school. However, when a toy or item starts to interfere with the day-to-day goal of our school–which is learning–then we address that specific toy.” So don’t bring anything that is considered a toy to school, so you don’t get in trouble.


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