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INVESTIGATE: GBMS explores students’ unique hobbies!

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“I have been competitively sailing since I was four years old,” says Caeley Preston about her favorite sport, sailing.

Many students at GBMS play sports or a musical instrument, but some students have very unique hobbies that are sometimes overlooked. One such student who participates in a unique sport is Caeley Preston, 8th grade, who competitively sails at the beach. She says that sailors like her go to race and win at many different beaches. “I would say that competitive sailing is a sport where you participate in races with different classes and styles of boats,” says Caeley. “I have been competitively sailing since I was four years old.” One unique thing about the sport is that there are no certain age limits, but there are weight limits. Caeley says that if you are underweight you must have another person on the sailboat with you. Besides another person, she has many different weights on her boat to keep her balanced.

Seventh grade Ashlynn Brown studies astrology!

Another student with a unique interest is seventh grader Ashlynn Brown, who studies astrology. She started studying on and off during fifth grade but continued mostly in sixth grade, and is still studying now that she is in seventh grade. Ashlynn researched and answered all of her questions by herself, therefore she was self-taught. She doesn’t have any other students who study with her, but she is already pretty skilled with the knowledge. She explains that when you were born, the exact time and date determine what sign you have. Some may have maybe twenty different signs to define who they are. Each type of sign someone has is different in the solar system. Ashlynn says that what she is studying is a bit more complex than zodiac signs and horoscopes. For example, one commonly known sign in the solar system, Cancer (which is the crab), can actually be a few swirly lines as a zodiac sign. “It’s semi-science. For instance, take the time you were born to find where the planets were when you were born to show why your personality is how it is, and why you are friends with who,” says Ashlynn. It takes skill, dedication, and smarts to be able to participate in an activity like this!

Brandon DeRosa cooks up some exotic foods!

Last but definitely not least, sixth grader Brandon DeRosa does exotic cooking! Brandon says that he cooks exotic foods and pastries. “I’ve been cooking since I was eight, honestly. My Nana taught me, and she was taught from her Nana and it was just passed down,” he says. Even after cooking for almost three years, Brandon says that one of his most unusual foods that he once made was using a bug to mix with seasoning to put on chicken! “Yeah, it was weird but it was pretty good though,” he says about his unusual bug seasoning. He stated that when he gets older he wants to be a pizza chef because he loves pizzas. He says that he once put jalapeno poppers on his pizza, and said it was really good! Brandon’s cooking is exotic, extra, and unique!

GBMS has so many different types of young people, and all of them unique in their own way. Their unique hobbies are just waiting to be discovered!

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INVESTIGATE: GBMS explores students’ unique hobbies!