Sydney Stillman Plays On

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Sydney Stillman Plays On

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Here at GBMS, every student has a wonderful talent, perhaps still undiscovered, whether it is drawing, writing, painting, nail art, singing, cooking, or engineering. 8th grader Sydney Stillman’s talent is playing the violin.

Where She Plays

Sydney enjoys playing the violin at home. But what good is a talent if you just enjoy it yourself and not with others? This is why Sydney plays in an orchestra, ECO (Emerald Coast Orchestra). She also plays for her church, bringing smiles and warm feelings to those who attend. Since she plays in a group, she doesn’t win any awards as an individual. When her band plays, they win awards as a whole.

Why She Plays

Sydney has been playing the violin for four years now. Her favorite thing about it is playing more modern songs, because it’s fun and you know if you’re playing the song right or not.

What She Plays

When playing an instrument, you obviously get to play many types of songs. Some songs sound good, but others sound like nothing you’ve ever heard. Sydney’s favorite song is “The Cantina Band Song” from Star Wars by John Williams. She performed this song at Pensacon.

All in all, Sydney is one of the many talented students at GBMS who has an admirable dedication to her hobby.

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