News Flash! Relay For Life Cancelled!

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Relay For Life Cancelled! 

Relay For Life is an annual fundraiser that takes place all over the world. Its purpose is to raise money and awareness for cancer victims. The annual Gulf Breeze fundraiser was going to take place on May 4. Unfortunately, plans fell through and the Gulf Breeze event was cancelled.   


Why was it cancelled? 

Ms. Kelly Ratte recently informed everyone at GBMS that the event would not be happening.  

“Several months ago, when we began to inquire about this year’s Relay festivities, we found there was not an American Cancer Society facilitator.  The organization was short staffed, and our rep was out on medical leave.  Several community leaders tried to get together six weeks ago in order to make the May 4th event happen.  Unfortunately, there were too many challenges and the event will not happen this year,” she said.   

There is a local planning committee that is already making preparations for next year’s Relay. Volunteers are making sure that the next Relay for Life will be exceptional. Students are encouraged to attend the event next year. 

Ms. Ratte says that the money raised for Relay for Life this year will be turned in next year so that our team will get “credit and recognition for raising the money.” It will still go to the American Cancer Society. 


What is Relay For Life? 

It’s an event where teams perform relays to raise money to help the American Cancer Society. Different groups are sponsored to help the organization. Groups will get a small amount of money, such as a penny, for every lap that that complete. Some walk to help the cause, while others run for exercise. At Relay for Life, communities recognize and honor those who are battling or have fought with cancer. At the event, participants decorate paper lanterns with the names of loved ones, usually in their memory. All the paper lanterns are lit and arranged in patterns, such as spelling out the word ‘hope’ or creating a cancer awareness ribbon.  


What about nearby events? 

If you would still like to attend a relay, there is an event in Pensacola that is still happening. The Pensacola Relay For Life will take place on May 11 from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m.  

The location is 301 West Main Street in Pensacola. 

For more information on when and where Relay For Life is taking place, visit 


 Relay For Life is an awesome event, and it’s terrible that it didn’t work out this year. Remember to keep your calendars open for the next annual Relay For Life. 



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