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Bored? Join a club!

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Gulf Breeze Middle School has lots of clubs to offer. There are so many, and you will want to join all of them! The clubs offered are: Cross Country, Builder’s Club, Robotics club, FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes), Math Counts, Fabulous Friday, and NJHS.  Here at GBMS joining some clubs is as simple as just showing up. Other clubs require applications or only being able to join in 8th grade.  


Cross Country – Coach Clayton (sponsor)  

Cross Country is about having a passion for running. Runners meet on the blacktop every week on Wednesday until 2:30 in the afternoon. Members have to arrange a way you get home afterward. Students can change into running gear in the locker room before running. After all the hard work, students can participate in different area races such as 5Ks on the weekends. Cross Country students also compete in the GBMS annual track meet. Cross Country could be for anyone who likes running.  


Builders Club – Mr. Specht (sponsor) 

Builders Club is about caring for other people and helping the needs they might have. Learning leadership skills is another benefit to this club. Builders Club meets every Wednesday morning from 7:05 to 7:20. During meetings, students will talk about community and school projects. Any student is invited to show up and get involved. Sarah Stillman, 7th grade, said,” It’s really fun! I love it!… It’s a great way to be more involved with the school and in the community.” If you think you would like learning more or helping out in the community then this club is for you.  


Robotics Club – Ms. Flowers (sponsor)  

Robotics Club is about learning more about technology and building technology. The first meeting this year is September 18, 2018. Students had to submit an application for this club and be accepted. Applications were due September 7. Robotics Club will meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school until 4:00. The club is going to different competitions like UWF. Each member ends up with a key job for the competition, and students learn valuable skills while having fun working together.


FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) – Ms. Curington (sponsor)  

FCA is about learning devotionals from the Bible and having fun. They meet in Ms. Curington’s room at 7:00 before school. They have snacks and beverages, too. During the club, students play trivia games and have verses of the day. Ashlyn DeVries, 7th grade, has been to the club and she said, “It’s a lot of fun!” Another thing she said is, “We need 8th grade girls to be leaders.” Maybe if you’re an 8th grader reading this, you might be the person for this job! If you would like to join the club, it meets in Ms. Curington’s room on Tuesday mornings at 7:05. There is no application for FCA, so if you want to learn more, just show up to the meeting. This club just might be for you!  


NJHS – Ms. Gilbreath, Ms. Ratte, Ms. Turk (sponsors) 

NJHS is about helping out in the school and community, while promoting academic success. Only 8th graders can participate in this, and students apply in the spring of their 7th grade year.  Applicants have to have a 93% accumulative average and no referrals throughout middle school to apply. NJHS meets on the second Tuesday of each month.  An example of events members do is organizing school activities like Homecoming Week. They also participate in a lot of the community events like the Christmas parade and Take Over City Hall. They also work with the PTO beautification committee to make campus look nice and welcoming for all the students.   


Math Counts – Ms. Morgan (sponsor) 

Math Counts is about the love for math and promoting problem solving. You don’t need an application for it and anyone can do it. The first meeting was on Thursday, September 6, 2018. The club meets from 1:40 to 2:45 after school in room #9020, a.k.a Ms. Morgan’s room. Members practice the different rounds of competition, have friendly competitions and play math games while enjoying some sweet treats. Later in the year, Ms. Morgan picks the top 10 best students to compete in the regional competition in February. If the team wins regionals, then they go on to state, and Ms. Morgan really wants to get to that level. Members will be assigned homework each week so they can try new problems for math (about 10 problems). So, if you think you’re strong in math, come give the club a try. 


Fabulous Friday – Ms. Leonard (sponsor) 

Fabulous Friday is about setting the stage for friendships with students with special needs. Potential members sign up for this club in Ms. Leonard’s classroom. They try to meet the first Friday of every month right after school until about 2:15/2:30. This club is student driven completely, meaning it is basically up to the students to decide what they want to do. This year one of the things they want to do is go to the movies. They have all types of fun events like having Christmas parties and going to snow cone places and more. Lauren Hitchcock, 8th grade, talked about what she did in Fabulous Friday last year: “We went to a snow cone place by Innerlight and everyone got their snow cone and someone dropped theirs; it was so funny!” Maybe these stories could be yours if you join this club.  









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