Spooky STEAM Day!

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Spooky STEAM Day!

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BOOM! GBMS students find a cure to help stop the zombie virus from spreading. Mr. Gutshall shows his 2nd period class what he thinks will help. These students needed to find a treatment fast.

It was October 31, 2018, (Halloween) at 7:45 in the morning, and students at GBMS heard an emergency alert on classroom televisions that a zombie apocalypse broke out in Gulf Breeze. So, in preparation of the zombies invading GBMS, the entire day was a STEAM day to help prepare and survive. All classes did something that helped students prepare for the apocalypse.   

Language Arts: Students prepared a list for the five essential items needed for an escape. Students had to support their reason of why they chose those five items with evidence and elaboration. They had to choose wisely because they only could pick five!  

Math: Students planned an escape route to escape the zombies. Students either used the plane coordinate or practiced with fractions/integers to make an escape route. If they enjoyed doing math and making plans for the zombie apocalypse, then it was the perfect day to shine! 

SUPPLIES. Ms.Cobb and some of her students (Johnathan Clark, Luke Denby, and Zennon Patrick) show their design of the zombie escape room. These students are only some of the students who saved our city and school from complete doom of the zombie apocalypse. 

Science: Students did an investigation on virus transmission and germ transfer of the zombie virus. Students were either doing this paper based or digitally. They did an excellent job of solving a great world mystery of the zombie virus!  

History: Students used their knowledge to plan a place to stay for long term survival.  Civics classes discussed a post-apocalyptic constitution and five crucial amendments to ensure peace and happiness in the students’ new society.

Art: Students modified a picture of themselves or a magazine cut out of what they thought they were going to look like if they become a zombie. These were not the average selfies!

ZOMBIE SELF PORTRAIT: Ella Montgomery, 7th grade, creates her self portrait in art.

PE: Students played a friendly game of zombie tag. The “zombies” chased others as they tried not to get tagged and infected.

Computers: Students in 6th grade created advertisements for different essential survival supplies. If someone likes being like a salesperson and trying to convince their parents all the time to buy them stuff, then this was probably their favorite project all year! The 7th graders created a digital escape room from keeping us from doom. 

Health: Students made a list of items that they could package into a zombie survival kit. They had to be sure to include water and food because when the zombies invade they might infect all the food and water supply! 

Band: Students listened to music by well-known composers and talked about how major/minor keys can tell a story… specifically the story of the zombie apocalypse. The percussion class even composed a scary song in just one class period.

Spanish: Students worked to communicate with survivors of other languages without the use of technology. Students wrote important messages with emojis in an attempt to create a universal post-apocalyptic language.

Home Ec: Students completed a digital breakout in which they determined the point from where the zombies were coming from and discovered the cure. They had to discover it fast with limited training.  

ACES: Students worked in different parts of the room that represented various locations (grocery store, outdoors, etc.). Then they had to choose items to help them survive, and then find out how long they would last based on what they chose.

TOTAL TRANSFORMATION: Yearbook students realized they needed new yearbook photos after a day with zombies. Here is 8th grader Kate Allen’s new look.

Journalism: 1st period newspaper students wrote an emergency news bulletin with the most important urgent information to get people ready for the emergency. 6th period yearbook students made new zombie yearbook photos to replace the school pictures of students who had been infected.


In the end, students at GBMS learned valuable lessons in collaborating, planning, evaluating, and surviving a zombie apocalypse.


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