Callie’s Candy Kitchen

This is a candy kitchen in Pennsylvania

This is a candy kitchen in Pennsylvania

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Who here loves candy? Mmh, delicious chocolate, lollipops, gummy candies, pastries, and more. Callie’s Candy Kitchen has all that and even more. This store located in Pennsylvania has all the candy you’ve been dreaming of. They have so much mouthwatering candy, scrumptious desserts, and different unique candies for the holidays. You get to see their candy created as well, and there’s a little bit of a story behind the owners.

I personally love candy, mostly any type. When I went to Callie’s Candy Kitchen I was visiting family members in Pennsylvania. So, when I went we took interest in this candy kitchen. When I walked in all I saw was candy everywhere, in containers, wrapped candy, wrapped candy in buckets, and candy on shelves. And that didn’t even cover half of the candy, not even close, that was just the first section I walked farther and they had huge containers full of gummy candy to put inside your bag. Lollipops in wrapping inside a bucket, and chocolate wrapped in packets, etc. There’s so much unimaginably delicious sweets. There’s all different categories, such as gummy candy, chocolate, lollipops, pastries, etc. Some of the cute little things I saw are milk chocolate gummy bears, gummy worms, gummy sharks, gummy bears, jaw breakers wrapped in Disney character containers, gum, lollipops, rock candy, candy canes, mints, candy buttons, M&Ms fun dip, airheads, smarties, sour patches, and more. I’m not sure I can even list half the candy they sell.

Callie’s Candy Kitchen doesn’t stay the same all year; when the holidays come they have special occasion treats and decorations. On Halloween they sell a glow cake with green fingers around the cake, bats as well, and frosting ghosts at the top and the cake glows. They have Oreo truffles with Halloween sprinkles all over, and spider cupcakes which have spiderweb frosting on the top. Not to mention their decorations are nice as well there were pumpkins and ghosts. For Christmas, there’s cups decorated as Santa’s clothes with treats and a Santa cookie. They have gingerbread houses, candy canes and chocolate candy wrapped in wrapping paper like a gift. Their decorations are beautiful as well, and a Santa statue with a sleigh and reindeer with real snow. There’s lights all over the building and Christmas trees inside decorated the shop. In Easter they go all out balloons are hanging from the ceiling, stuffed bunnies holding frames that talk about Easter and colorful eggs in baskets, and bunny chocolates. Outside the shop there’s a stand of people holding carrots with colorful eggs on the stand. For Valentine’s day they’ve put out a table filled with chocolate hearts in a wrapped heart box piled on each other and buckets with chocolate in them, a bear holding a heart at the top of the stack.

Yes, Callie’s Candy Kitchen sells candy, but, they do also sell pastries, which include biscuits, cupcakes, donuts, cakes, lemon crème pies, coffee cakes, cheesecakes, raspberry filled treats, truffles, and even more. And all these are sold in the same store as the candy they are in a glass that you can look through, so people can buy one. The pastries are located towards or at the register. The owners of this store not only did this, they even allowed customers to watch them create their candies, and get some free samples. I never did, but that still sounds cool.

Callie’s kitchen had many great qualities inside and outside, but who would have thought to make such a place? I’ll tell you who, Harry Callie and his wife Carol Callie did. Harry first took over the store in the 1950s when he was the age of 19, that’s around the time he married his wife, Carol. He had made his store the talk of the town. He created candy that was delicious and made people want to keep coming back. Sadly, on October 8, 2013, he died at 80 years old. A year later his wife died. Many, many people say he was just a wonderful person, kind, nice, considerate, and inspirational. People remembered him as someone who had time to say hi to anyone. Anne Russo, of Buck Hills Falls said, “He always made you feel like a million dollars even if you were only spending $2.50”. Ed Mayotte said, “He was the consummate gentleman. Just a wonderful, inspirational guy. He was a great family man and community-minded gentleman”. PA homepage  says “Gretchen Callie, Harry’s daughter promised to keep the store going. She laughed, “We weren’t even allowed to close on the day he passed. ‘Don’t you dare close that store.’ I said, ‘I won’t, I won’t.'” Gretchen and her husband Mark said Harry enjoyed selling candy because candy makes
people happy and he loved people. She smiled, “He never judged people.”
Mark added, “Right he treated everybody the same no matter what their background was or what business they were in or who they were.”

In conclusion, Callie’s Candy Kitchen has so many different varieties of candy and treats, they celebrate holidays with decorations and unique candy. There is a sad, yet happy story behind the owners of this store.

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