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On September 14, Ms. Grace Freeman took her class of advanced history students to The UWF library for research on their National History Day Projects (NHD). NHD projects can be on any topic the student picks that is still related to the them. This project takes many hours a week researching with a total of several months. Going to the UWF library allowed these students to use certain databases to research for their topic, check out books, and learn more about where everything is in the library for when they come back.

GETTING CONTEXT– Bianca Gatmaitan, 8th grade, Isabelle Gatmaitan, 8th grade, and Annie Driskell, 8th grade, all work together for their NHD project. They help each other research and find information in books at the UWF library.

Ms. Freeman has been taking her advanced history students on this field trip for the past seven to eight years. She said she took them because, “The UWF library is a wonderful resource for students participating in the National History Day project.” She recommends each of her students to go back with their parents because, “there are not only an incredible number of print sources, but access to databases that can provide primary sources for all student topics.”

Melissa Gonzalez, a librarian at UWF, guided the students to many sources not available at home, and she gave them a virtual tour of how to find books and which floor to find them on. Ms. Gonzalez said she became a librarian because, “I love helping people find the information they need, especially beyond Google.”  Ms. Gonzalez was a very great aid to the students, helping them find many amazing sources that they would not have been able to find on their own. She said, “… it can be quite daunting if you’re not sure where to start.” Ms. Gonzalez taught the students that the best way to research is to, “start by getting some background information about your topic. This can help you understand context, narrow down your thesis, and identify related people/subjects/events that you can use to search.” Good research requires mounds of reading, finding a wide variety of sources, including ones that you won’t end up using, is extremely helpful.  According to Ms. Gonzalez, “You could miss a really significant source if you just pick the first five books, articles, etc. that come up in your results.” She also said that you always need to evaluate your resources and let your primary source drive your research.

LIBRARY LOVE-Naseh Sukhera, 8th grade, enjoyed going to the UWF library. Naseh agrees with all the other students and would definitely go back. He said, “It offered sources that weren’t available at my home.”

Naseh Sukhera, 8th grade, is currently taking Ms. Freeman’s Advanced History class. He decided to take this class because his siblings took it, so he knew, “It was an opportunity that helped you for high school.” Naseh enjoys this class because, “… it challenges you to go out and do something that you don’t do at school.” He thinks the library was helpful because it offered sources that were not available to him at home. The students would definitely go back for all the amazing sources.

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