Fortnite takes over the world

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Fortnite takes over the world

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Zak Standal, 7th grade, says, “I was playing squads with a couple of my friends. The last circle was in Wailing Woods. I went in as a decoy and my teammate killed him to win the game.”

Imagine running along green grass and then you get shot at. You build a wall, then a ramp, then you keep building up and up until you can’t see the player that shot you in the first place. Then you see him again and he hits you. You jump down and hit him in the head once with your pump. This is what many people that play the game of Fortnite experience.

Lots and lots of people play Fortnite, which is a 100-person player vs. player (PVP) game. In Fortnite, a player must land, find weapons, and eliminate opponents. Last one standing wins. According to Business Insider online, all around the world nearly 80 million people play Fortnite.

In the map, there are many places to land. Tilted Towers, Pleasant Park, and Retail Row are the hardest places to survive, because that’s where a ton of people land per game. There are also a bunch of good weapons in those places as well. On the other hand, there are places that a player can land that are really easy and don’t have any people land there. These places are Lucky Landing, Junk Junction, and Flush Factory.

Braeden Murawski, 7th grade, says, “I had three kills, my partner had four kills, and my other partner had one kill. I was shooting rockets at the last guy and my partner finished him and we won the game.”

Around the map are little cubes that make a player go invisible. They make players run faster and jump higher. They are called Shadow Stones. They are only found in the corrupted zones. There is also a tornado that has been moving around the map. It started in Leaky Lake and has been going from corrupted zone to corrupted zone.

There are many varieties of gun colors. There is gray (which is the worst), green, then blue, purple, and finally the gold legendary which is the best color in the game. Fortnite is a fun game that can be played on Xbox, PlayStation, PC, mobile, and Switch.

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