Symphonic Band and Sound Wave march again!

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Symphonic Band and Sound Wave march again!

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On September 28, 2018, the GBHS Sound Wave band and the GBMS Symphonic band marched together across the overpass, into Dolphin Stadium, and then climbed up onto the immense bleachers as the sun was just barely setting. When they got to the bleachers, they played some tunes to prep the football team before the game started. People spilled in one after the other. Then, the two bands came together and played as one huge band for at least the 25th time. 

STEP IN TIME–The GBMS Band and Sound Wave Band are marching to the field. The bands played tunes once they got to the bleachers. Ms. Smithey says, “It looked like they had a great time!”

The Crowd 

The crowd was larger than usual, since there were lots of proud parents there to watch the middle school band. Ms. Susie Smithey says, “They loved hearing the middle school band!”  

Meredith Pugh says that the crowd “enjoyed the music.”           

Dolphin Pride 

The GBMS band also played songs that have a lot of school spirit, such as the Dolphin fight song. The band played this song every time the team scored. Other songs they played were Troy Shorties25 or 6 to 4Funky TownThe Hey SongLow RiderLand of 1000 Dances, and ESPN. 

Troy Shorties is a very advanced song for the middle school band, because it’s college music and involves lots of cheers in the middle of the songs. Ms. Smithey says, “I am proud that they can play high school music, which is really college music. Wow!… It looked like they had a great time! It teaches them some pretty hard music (the range is really HIGH) and I hope that it makes them want to be a part of the high school band in the future!”  

How does it feel as a principal to have the GBMS and GBHS Bands play together? Mr. Michael Brandon says that he feels a lot of pride for the school and the band and for Ms. Smithey. 

Practice Until You’re Perfect 

Not only does it take time to learn these pieces, but the band individuals also must take time out of their own day to learn them by themselves. One student, Jasmine Beatty, 8th grade, said, “I probably went over my music for an overall total of 10 hours of time I practiced. It seems like a lot, but it was over the span of weeks.” 

Students not only practiced at home but once after school, too, with the Sound Wave Band. 

Jasmine says, “I have always enjoyed playing with the high school. I always learn something new…”

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