Stomp out bullying

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October 1, 2018, began National Bullying Prevention Month. To recognize this month, GBMS students and staff wore blue on the first Monday of the month to “blue out bullying.” Mr.Brandon, GBMS principle, said he wants everyone to be nice and respect each other.

There are many types of bullying including cyber, physical,verbal, and social bullying. Cyber bullying can include texting someone something for the intention of hurting them. Physical bullying is just how it sounds and includes hitting someone, kicking someone, or maybe even breaking something that is not yours. Verbal and social bullying can include saying something for the intention of hurting someone or trying to bring down their reputation.

But what many people don’t know is that any type of bullying can get you in trouble at school, not just in your home.  Ms. McLendon, GBMS 7th grade guidance counselor, said that cyber bullying gets worse over the course of the teenage years. Mr. Renfroe, GBMS dean, said that the most popular apps for bullying to occur on are Instagram and Snapchat. People who say something mean on Snapchat normally think, “Oh it goes away in 24 hours so who cares?” To tell the truth, a lot of people will notice and care if that person results in hurting themselves from being bullied.

Bullying may cause people to physically hurt themselves or feel bad about themselves. They may think that people might hate them and in some extreme cases they might even commit suicide.

Students can help prevent all types of bullying by avoiding saying something or directing rude things to somebody on the internet. It could really make a difference. But, what you shouldn’t do is just stand by and watch things happen and not talk to anyone about it. You never know what is happening in somebody’s personal life.

Bullying is a sad thing that happens every day whether it is just saying simple things including judging them by their looks or by what they wear. Or, even more drastically, pushing someone down every day and calling them names. Calling somebody names may not sound drastic, but it can really hurt their self esteem. Let’s end bullying, once and for all. It’s not right, not nice, and definitely not cool.

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