All I Want For Christmas

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With Christmas just around the corner, parents all over town are wondering what gifts to get their middle school kids. Kids at this age don’t want their two front teeth for Christmas anymore. Luckily for all the parents out there, we’ve got shoppers covered. We’ve found the most popular gifts for middle school kids. It never hurts to do some early Christmas shopping.

Some of the trending shoe brands are Converse, Adidas, Birkenstock, and Vans. They are among the top favorites in middle school. The prices range from $20 to $200, but they are high quality and very comfortable to wear based on experience. All over the U.S. stores like Bealls or Foot Locker are selling shoes very quickly and especially near Christmastime. Parents may want to hurry now and save the stress!

According to www.good, some of the other common trends are wearing scrunchies, brand t-shirts, wearing air pods, iPhone x’s, and having makeup palettes.

Isabella Holly, 7th grade, says that checkered vans are at the top of her wish list. Vans are very common in middle school and they are high in quality.

Lucianna Vatsolakis, 7th grade, says she wants a James Charles palette for Christmas. Makeup is one of the most common Christmas gifts for girls.

Nick Anderson, 7th grade, says he wants a dog. Dogs are great Christmas gifts because they bring joy to the family year-round. Instead of only once a year, the dog can make kids happy every day! People should not buy a dog if the recipient does not want to be responsible and take care of it.


All in all, these are some great gift ideas that will make many teens happy.









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