The Raging Robotics Competition

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The Raging Robotics Competition

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On Saturday, November 3, 2018, the GBMS robotics team competed at the University of West Florida (UWF). Seaside Neighborhood School, Seacoast Collegiate High School, and Woodlawn Beach Middle School won the competition. Although the Gulf Breeze team didn’t win, Ms. Flowers, team sponsor, states, “Our team learned about collaboration and communication.” They also learned how to code and build a robot. 

At the competition, the robot was driven by different team members. They had to guide the robot on a suspended rail and guide the robot’s arms to save ducks and turtles. They also had to use the robot’s claw to remove debris from an ocean gyre. 

The team talks about their robot.

GBMS team members included Nicholas Bailey, Connell Bartling, Charlie Benson, Connor Berry, Evan Boudreaux, Whitney Bouk, Ashlynn Brown, Christopher Carroll, Cale Cartee, Brandon DeRosa, Logan Duke, Habiba Elsnerbiny, Alexis Flowers, Matthew Goecke, Elizabeth Hagy, Jarod Hedden, JB Hewette, Isaac Holderman, Gwyneth Jackson, Andy Kellen, Matthew Londen, Cayden Martinez, Matthew McChesney, Dominic Mclemore, Conrad Monlezun, Stellan Nilssen, John Patton, Nicolette Remond, Connor Rhodes, Bence Sarkadi, Olivia Smith, Garrett Smith, Derek Smith, Will Snow, Zach Stoffer, Luci Vatsolakis, and Simon Zheng.

The spirit team cheers on their robot and team.

The GBMS group had a presentation team that created a PowerPoint to market the robot to a panel of executives from local companies. They also had a 3D booth team that created an advertising booth to promote their team and robot.

GBMS was in partnership with the Navarre Beach Turtle Conservancy. The team helped spread the word about eliminating trash and debris from the ocean.

Ms. Flowers says, “Our team also had a VERY LOUD cheering team.” When the robot was on the course, the team got points for cheering on their robot and their team.

Whitney Bouk, 8th grade, was part of the presentation, 3D booth, and photography committees. Whitney helped with the marketing aspect with the team. She did the opening for the team’s pitch to the judges, collected photos for the website and PowerPoint presentations, and helped with the planning stage of the 3D booth. Whitney says, “My favorite part of the competition was by far the day of the competition. Everyone was screaming and using air horns as loud as humanly possible in the stands. The room was filled with energy.”

She says that by participating in robotics, she learned to “be prepared for anything and work as a team.”  


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