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9 Toys in YOUR closet worth a fortune

9 Toys in YOUR closet worth a fortune

After seeing how much money these old toys could get you, you might want to clean out your closet! Some of your old, rare, or discontinued toys could just be collecting dust, when they could be worth a small fortune today!

*please ask your parents before selling* 

We’ve rounded up a few common toys that could be in your attic right now.

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Molly, Samantha, Felicity, and Kirsten A.G doll-$4,600
Old/rare action figures-$1,500
Hot wheels-$3,499
Vintage PEZ dispensers-$4,919
Beanie babies-$92,500
Pokémon cards-$90,000
Vintage Lego sets-$2,499
Cabbage patch dolls-$9,700

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