The Maze Runner book review

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[DISCLAIMERthis is just a n opinion of an 8th grader. Also, SPOILER ALERTS! This book is classified as young adult and may not be appropriate for all middle schoolers.] 

The Maze Runner is a mysterious book that raises many questions among readers. The book starts out with a boy. He wakes up in a metal elevator to a place called the Glade. He has no memory, and he does not know where he is, how he got there, or what his life was like before. The only thing he knows is that his name is Thomas. When he enters the Glade, boys surround him. He later realizes that there are two leaders, Alby and Newt. Also, the metal box brings up supplies, food, and everything they need once a week. Once a month the box brings up a new boy with no memory except his own name. Thomas realizes the Glade is surrounded with huge strange walls. Thomas is very confused and wants answers, but nobody seems to tell him anything.  

Thomas is assigned to a boy named Chuck to show him around and where he is sleeping. Chuck tells Thomas that the walls block off a maze that changes every day, and the people that enter it are called Runners.  The Runners go out every day when the walls open and come back before the walls close. If the Runners get stuck out at night they will be stuck with the Grievers, strange machine animals that will attack and kill. If anyone gets stung by a Griever, they must go back and get the Serum that puts them through the Changing. The Changing causes the person to freak out and remember what it was like before. However, they cannot talk about it with others. Thomas has a gut feeling that he wants to become a Runner even though he knows all the horrible things they have gone through. 

Two days later, the box shows up unexpectedly with a girl in a coma. Her name is Teresa. She comes with a note that says she will be the last newcomer ever. All the boys are very confused because it is not a boy, she is in a coma, and she came on the wrong day. For some reason, while the girl is not awake, she can communicate with Thomas telepathically.  Thomas has a strange feeling for her, like he knew her before he came to the Glade. Many Gladers that went through the Changing start claiming that Thomas and Teresa are bad, and the reason they are in the Glade is because of them. All of a sudden, the walls stop closing at night, the Grievers start taking people, but only one each night. Later, when Thomas becomes a Runner, Teresa wakes up, and they crack a code for the maze. They realize the walls have been changing each night and are forming words such as FLOATCATCHBLEED, DEATHSTIFFPUSH.  Thomas and Teresa decide to take the Gladers (the ones that want to go) to the Griever Hole. 

Overall, the book was decent. It could be slow at times, but towards the end it got more interesting. I would rate this a 7/10. I would recommend reading the book to figure out if they escape.

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