Literacy week 2019!

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Literacy week 2019!

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The best school week ever is here!  GBMS students are thrilled for Literacy week 2019. January 28, 2019, until February 1, 2019, students will have exciting things to do the entire week in celebration of Literacy Week.


Literacy week holds all sorts of fun things! On, Monday, January 28, 2019 students will have a “Million minute read day.” Students will have an opportunity to pick a book of their choice and read for 20 minutes. Afterward, students will take a survey in their Language arts class to see how popular novels are viewed. Next, on Tuesday, January 29, students will be involved in random prize drawings for pictures that were submitted to the librarian, Ms. Graham of students reading to their pets. Depending on when your name is drawn will be the type of prize you receive.  Wednesday, January 30, will be full wonder as teachers will read to students the book Stone Fox.  Anxiously awaiting Thursday, January 31, students will experience another drawing of their pet photos. Friday, February 1, will be the finale, students can bring $1 and wear their pajamas for Literacy Week. Also, gold card students will get a special surprise that day.

WILL KISSING A ROCK TURN IT INTO A BOOK? Reagan Moore reading a book with her pet rock in preparation for Literacy week. In this picture it seems like Reagan is going to transform her rock. Students all around GBMS are reading with their pet rocks they made.

However, some students at GBMS are wondering with all this entertaining stuff going on, what is the true meaning of this week at school? “We do it to emphasize how important reading is,” said Ms. Graham. Literacy Week is an important week at GBMS for that exact reason; more students need to read! Students have also been curious about how this is going to benefit them? Well, “the more you read, the better you are at all subjects,” explained Ms. Graham. Altogether, reading can be amusing and further education at the same time.  

With all this action ahead, students have been talking all about it. “I am excited for the whole week. I look forward to seeing who wins the contests.” stated Tori Wells, 7th grade.  Some students believe this will have a good impact on them. “I think it will inspire the school (students) to read more, because it will give motivation and more fun ways to read,” commented Sarah Stillman, 7th grade. Most importantly, students have all agreed that they want Literacy Week again in the future. “I think the school should continue to do this in the future because it is fun (to me) and it excels student learning,” expressed Isaak Bane, 6th grade.  

PET READING SCHOOL. Charlie Wycoff is reading to his dog and cat. Although it might seem he is just reading to them, he is secretly teaching them how to read. Is this the new thing to do after school?

Nonetheless, Literacy week 2019 is going to be a lively week for GBMS.  Students will participate with an occasion to learn and enjoy themselves at the same time. The week will be filled with fun events and students will never be able to forget this spectacular experience!   




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