A Dog’s Way Home Movie Review

GOOD GIRL BELLA! I recommend watching the movie A Dogs Way Home.

GOOD GIRL BELLA! I recommend watching the movie A Dogs Way Home. "I knew, though, that life was never that easy, that instead of doors being opened for you, to get anywhere, you had to jump over fences."-W. Bruce Cameron

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“Go home Bella, come on Bella you got this,” said Lucas. I recently watched the movie A Dog’s Way Home, and I loved it. I think this movie deserves a ten out of ten-star rating. I was hooked, always wanting to know what was going to happen next. While watching this movie, everything felt so real. I recommend watching this movie only if you don’t mind some tears, however there are a couple sad moments, but overall this movie is amazing. 

A Dog’s Way Home is a 2019 adventure film directed by Charles Martin Smith. In this movie there is a dog named Bella who has an amazing owner who she loves named Lucas. But after being separated, Bella goes through a 400-mile journey to “go home,” meeting interesting strangers on the way. The two main characters are Bella, the dog, and Lucas, the owner. The person who plays the voice of Bella is Bryce Dallas Howard, ands Lucas is played by Jonah King. I think these actors did an extremely good job at playing their parts, and there wasn’t one second they did badly. 

I believe there are many lessons to be taken away from this movie. The first one is that no matter how hard something may get, you must always try your hardest to succeed. In the movie, Bella was trying and trying to get back home, and she never gave up. Another lesson could be that there is always this invisible pull or “leash” in between you and your loved ones. You must stay with the ones who take the time to love you, because the ones willing to stay are the ones who are going to make a difference in your life. In the movie, Bella knew that she and Lucas were meant to be together, and that’s what motivated her to keep going.  

In conclusion, A Dog’s Way Home is worth seeing. The whole time I was watching the movie, I was in awe. You should definitely go see this movie when you get a chance!  



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