YouTubers are taking over the entertainment industry

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Social media influencers, more commonly known as YouTubers, are becoming teenage millionaires overnight. They are using a platform called YouTube to create videos for entertainment and laughs, all while making millions. YouTube is becoming one of the biggest trends of 2019 and many of our GBMS students are creating their own channels. Being a social media influencer not only involves having a YouTube platform, but also having an Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter account too.  

YouTubers get their fame from subscribers, sometimes millions of them. The most subscribed YouTubers in 2019, from 10th place are, “Set India- 32.7 million, WWE- 34 million, Ed Sheeran- 34.5 million, HolaSoyGerman- 34.6 million, Dude Perfect- 35 million, 5-Minute Crafts- 35.9 million, Channel KondZilla- 40.7 million, Justin Bieber- 43.2 million, T-Series- 85.6 million, and PewDiePie- 86.6 million,” according to  These YouTubers created their own platform, worked hard to edit their videos, and have huge fan-bases. Their fans are much like those of famous actors and singers. The creators are receiving, public recognition, fan pages, and monthly income.  

The highest paid YouTubers from 10th place are, “Logan Paul- $14.5 million, PewDiePie- $15.5 million, Jacksepticeye- 16 million, VanossGaming- $17 million, Markiplier- $17.5 million, Jeffree Star- $18 million, DanTDM- $18.5 million, Dude Perfect- $20 million, Jake Paul- $21.5, and Ryan ToysReview- $22 million,” according to  The average YouTuber gets $18 per 1,000 ad views, according to This shows that a YouTuber must put ads on their videos to make any profit, which is not as easy as it seems to be. To be eligible for AdSense, an influencer must follow all the YouTube partner programs, have at least 1,000 subscribers, have at least 4,000 watch hours, and have an AdSense account. Kimmy Winn, a freshman at Navarre high school, is a YouTuber that started her channel in 2014. She met the AdSense guidelines in 2018 and in September she received her first deposit. Kimmy claims, “It’s pretty cool to have somewhat of an income at such a young age.” 

YouTube is becoming a job for people of all ages. Creators film videos, edit them, and then post them on their channel for their fans to enjoy. Not only do they make content, they also post their lives on Instagram, record bits of their lives on snap chat, and tweet their thoughts on Twitter. There are many styles of entertainment on YouTube including, vlogging, DIYs, gaming, makeup reviews, conspiracy theories, and more. There is also the educational side of YouTube, such as math tutors and grammar/writing help. Social media influencers are taking over the entertainment industry for the better.  

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