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WELCOME HOME "Everything is possible even the impossible." I recommend the new sequel to Mary Poppins.

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My favorite movie for multiple years now has been Mary Poppins, produced in 1964. Recently, in December of 2018, Mary Poppins Returns was produced, and my family and I went and watched it together. Even though the original Mary Poppins is a great movie, I think the new Mary Poppins Returns is even better. 

This movie was set in London, England in 1910. The main characters are Emily Blunt (Mary Poppins), Joel Dawson (George Banks), Emily Mortimer (Jane Banks), Ben Wishaw (Michael Banks), and Pixie Davis (Annabelle Banks). The main point of the story is Michael Banks’ house is going to be repossessed in five days unless he can pay back a loan. Michael knows he has a bank share, but he cannot find the certificate that says he has the share. Mary Poppins realizes that Michael needs help with the kids, so she appears out of the middle of nowhere and is now the kids’ new nanny so Michael can focus on his job and find the bank shares that he needs to keep his house. Emily Blunt did a very good job as Mary Poppins, and really made it feel like she was the old Mary Poppins.  

One thing that I really liked about Mary Poppins Returns was that in the movie they included some of the same scenes from the older Mary Poppins. They also included the same names of the children in the old movie, who are now the aunt and the dad of the new children. In the new movies lately they tend to tie in life lessons and let people learn. I learned that the right things come at the right time. I think if you watch it you will learn to wait for the perfect time and something good will happen. 

I would recommend this movie to people who have watched the first Mary Poppins, because it ties in so perfectly, so watch the old one before you watch this one. This movie is rated PG, so it is fit for all ages if you are with a parent. I really enjoyed this movie and rate it an 8.5 out of 10. Go watch this movie and you won’t regret it.                

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