Game Pigeon Taking over GBMS Student Screens

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Disclaimer: Ask a parent before you download and play the game. The Dolphin Echo does not promote any apps.

Game Pigeon is a free app that you can download to your iPhone and play fun and simple games with your friends. Right now, you can only play on an iPhone, but you can get the games on google play. According to Digital spy, “From classics like Connect Four and Chess to word hunt and tanks, a wide range of iMessage-compatible games are available to download from Apple’s  App store to play with your friends while texting.” These are some games you can play with your friends:

8 Ball

8 Ball is a free online game you can text your friends to play. 8 Ball is the game pool, but you can play from any where and at any time. It is only a two-player game. As you get better at the game, you can change the setting to hard. If you do not like the normal Cue stick you can change it to a customization cue stick.

Cup Pong

In Cup Pong, you and your opponent bounce ping pong balls into 10 cups that are shaped into a triangle. If you get all the balls into the cups your opponent gets a redemption shot to stay in the game. If you make your redemption shots, you stay in the game, but if you miss you lose. If you unlock the random cup feature you can play with scrambled cups.


In Basketball you flick the basketball up into the hoop. You have two rounds of 45 seconds to make as many shots as possible. The person with the most shots wins. If you want to make it more difficult you can change it to where the hoop is moving. Caleb Buccella, 7th grade, stated, “I like Basketball because it is really fun and I like beating my friends.”

Crazy 8

Crazy 8 is a card game that you can text your friends to play. It has grown in popularity as a fun multiplayer game. Anderson Tanner, 7th grade, states, “I play at lunch with my friends. My favorite thing about Crazy 8 is the competition.”



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