National School Breakfast Week inspires students

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INSPIRED-Valeria Hanson, 8th grade, smiles brightly while holding a picture of her school-winning food group car. After the poster contest the cafeteria was ready for National Breakfast week and Valeria got a treat of cinnamon rolls for her class. Valeria said, “I did not want to do a typical car that races around a track. So I though I should do a car with the my food plate as the engine.”

During March was National School Breakfast week, and every day from March 4th to 8th the lunch room was filled with ticket raffles and decorated to fit the theme of “Start Your Engines with School Breakfast.” In celebration of the School Breakfast week the county put up a poster contest and had a bunch of entries come in, including Valeria Hanson’s, 8th grade, who was the school winner. She got to have a cinnamon roll party in her first period, which just happened to be The Dolphin Echo’s class period. Not only was she the school winner but she won 3rd place in the whole county and won the prize of 25 dollars.

The theme of “Start your Engines” was supposed to show the benefits of “fueling up” for a good day with a healthy breakfast as the School Nutrition Association states. With that in mind, Valeria made a snazzy car with all the food groups fueling it up. With how she incorporated the healthiness and heartiness in her cool ride, her poster would definitely inspire people to eat a healthy breakfast every morning. She said that the reason she wanted to do this was because, “Many people lately are hearing about these contests and stuff but yet they don’t sign up or participate. So, when I heard about the contest on ITV, I knew I was relatively good at drawing. So, I figured I had a good chance of winning.”

Valeria wasn’t the only person in the school ready to roll, so were the Cafeteria Workers. Ms. Tracy, one of the workers, explained that “Breakfast week is important for everyone to understand that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” In the cafeteria they also incorporate the four food groups to every meal making sure everybody gets something healthy each and every day. Ms. Tracy also said that they incorporated “a well balance meal of fruit or vegetable, bread, and milk.” With the food groups in mind, anyone can make a healthy breakfast at home to “fuel” up their bodies. So as anyone can see, breakfast week is important to everyone. 



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