Fun Camps to Make the Most of Summer

Calling all campers! Summer is meant to be spent having fun!

Calling all campers! Summer is meant to be spent having fun!

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It’s that time again, summer vacation is fast approaching, and parents are trying to find summer camps for their kids. With so many choices, there’s something for everyone. So, here’s a list of some options to get you started.


If you want to get a taste of campus life, UWF provides many interesting STEAM camps. From building a remote-control submarine to coding your own video game, UWF is for those who love technology. For a full list of all their summer camps, visit their website to see their catalog.  A link is provided below.


For those who like staying overnight at a camp, there are two amazing options. The National Flight Academy is a week-long camp aboard the “U.S.S Ambition” at Naval Air Station Pensacola. Campers live the life of an aircraft carrier crew member and plan missions, execute those missions with a flight simulator, and sleep in bunk beds.  Tristan Dalrymple, 7th grade, enjoyed his role as a code breaker, “We learned about encryption and how to de-encrypt files.” He also noted, “it is very easy to make friends since you are with cabin mates for a whole week.” Another option for those who aren’t inclined to naval operations, Camp Frontier, located in central Florida, caters to those with a voracious sense of adventure and independence. Those of you who attend this camp will live with cabin mates, eat s’mores around the fire at night, and participate in adventurous activities during the day. For more information on both camps, see the links below.


For physically active campers, there are three great options. Gulf Breeze is near the beach, so why not take advantage of the proximity to the water. Innerlight Surf Camp is for those who want to hang ten and learn the to ride the waves. Noah Allen, 7th grade, a junior instructor for the camp says, “It’s super fun (as a junior instructor) to help people surf and it must be even more fun for the campers.” Noah also stated his favorite part about being a junior instructor, “Not only is there free food at Crabs, but it’s also great to hang out with the (adult) instructors.” Another great option, My Escambia Junior Lifeguard, is for those who want to be “Guardians on the Gulf.” Campers will go through drills and water safety lessons to prepare for the job. If karate is your thing, Falbo’s Karate is a great way to practice, learn, and chop your way through the belts. Karate helps you concentrate and strengthens your mental and physical strength. For more information on these three camps, check out the web links below.


Lights, Camera, ACTION! The GBHS Drama Camp is for Broadway stars in the making!

For incoming ninth graders or middle school students who have a flair for the dramatics, the GBHS Drama camp is the thing for you! The camp is divided into two acts. Week one is from June 17-21, where campers learn the basics of theatrics. Week two is from June 24-28, where junior actors and actresses apply the fundamentals they learned from week one and put on a show! Gulf Breeze also caters to those who love the outdoors. Their soccer camp is fun for all ages! The camp is eight weeks long, from June 10th to August 2nd, allowing campers to hone their soccer skills and learn some tricks. The link for more information on both camps is shown below. However, you must email the address below for more information on the GBHS Drama Camp.

Summer is coming and there are many options. From hanging ten on a wave to camping out in central Florida, there’s something for everyone! Find one that’s right for you and spend your summer having fun!


National Flight Academy:

Camp Frontier:

Innerlight surf camp:

My Escambia Junior Lifeguards:

Falbo’s karate:

GBHS Drama Camp: [email protected]

Gulf Breeze soccer camp:

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