The ESE Sports Ability Games!

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The ESE Sports Ability Games!

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The ESE sports ability games took place on April 12th at the Dolphin Stadium. GBMS has been holding the events for the past, 10 years, and it still going strong. Mrs. Shirley, one of the ESE teachers, said “This year was just as good as in the past! It was amazing and the weather was perfect!” The students each ran two races, played tug of war, did sack races and scooter races. A group of helpers that went were, Katie Hoffman, 7th grade, Kenna King, 7th grade, and Sarah Stillman, 7th grade. 

Kenna King, 7th grade, said “It was a nice day outside, and I liked going out there to help and encourage the students to run and have fun.” She thought it was fun being outside and helping with the kids she hangs around every day have fun and enjoy playing with their friends just like she does. 

Sarah Stillman, 7th grade, said “It was really fun bonding with them and experience things that you’ve never done before.” She also stated, “You get to learn how they learn but you still learn with them.” 

Katie Hoffman, 7th grade, said it was a fun day to be outside, and to help with the activities. She states “this year being an ESE helper was a great learning experience at the games, and it was nice to help out with the class this year” 

Lorelai Hart getting a Minion painted on her face

Lorelai Hart, 8th grade, a student in the class, said “I liked the face painting the most and I got a minion on me and  I also think I got a cat or a dog on me.” There were many races at the event but one of the races that she participated in was the scooter races.

Turner Small running a race to try to get 1st place.

Turner Small, 7th grade, a student in the class, said “My favorite part was the running races and I got 1st place two times.” He also stated that he got a heart with letters in the middle painted on his face.

The ESE sports ability games began around 7:30 a.m. and ended at 1 o’clock p.m. The teachers at the event were Mrs. Adrianna, Mrs. Webb, Mrs. Leonard, Mrs. Schaeffner, Mrs. Shirley, and Mrs. Angie. After all the events the students and the helpers had lunch, took a picture, then went back to school.  

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