Barnes & Noble Field Trip 2019!

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Barnes & Noble Field Trip 2019!

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“The more you read, the more things you know. The more that you learn, the more places you will go, Dr. Seuss once said. In this case, the more you read, the more places you will go. On April 26, 2019 students from GBMS who earned their Gold Literary Dolphin Cards went on a field trip to Barnes & Noble. These students went to celebrate the earning of their gold cards, for working hard, and reading a lot.  

Every year here at GBMS, students have been going to Barnes and Noble. This has been going on for over 10 years now. The students get on a bus early at the beginning of the school day and head on over. They stay there all day, reading books, looking for books to buy, and even hanging around the Starbucks café, where they can eat and have small snacks along with coffee.   

However, with all the fun, there must be some learning experience in there. Well, there is. “Research shows that increased reading improves grades in school and on standardized tests,” stated Ms. Graham. The students who have their gold card, have read a lot, and this will benefit them, even though they may not know it yet 

mixture of 6th7th, and 8th graders were able to enjoy the field trip. There was a whopping total of 163 students who attended this year. 

For all the 6th graders this was their first experience of course, but some 7th and 8th graders have been going for 2, even 3 years now. “My favorite part was searching for a book that was really intriguing to me and a genre I’d like,” said Ivey Johnson, returning 7th grader. The special thing about this field trip is students get to pick out their own books and the PTO purchases it for them. Students can bring their own money though, to purchase other things than books. 

Even though all of this might seem easy and fun, students work hard to get their gold cards. For some it was a goal in the beginning of the year and for others it was an inspiration. “Not necessarily (was it a goal), I wanted to earn the gold card, but it wasn’t something I was focused on,” explained Presley Hall, 7th grade. This was Presley’s second year on the field trip.

READING GETS YOU SOMEWHERE. Presley Hall, Keira Decesare, Olivia Smith, and Isaac Braun all enjoy each other’s company, while having a small drink and snack. All the students in this image earned their gold cards for 2019 to be able to go on this field trip. “Walking around and hanging out with my friends was my favorite part,” said Presley Hall.

Although most students have attended the trip in previous years, there were the 6th graders who have never gone. “(My favorite part was) getting a free book using a gift card and having no tax,” expressed Isaak Bane, 6th grader. Isaak had a fixed mindset for a gold card since the beginning of the year. He enjoyed earning it too. “I love reading…” Isaak said.  

All in all, the students who went on this field trip worked hard for it. This trip was an outstanding opportunity to excel in reading and it helps them further their education.  

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