GBMS students were invited to Dragonfly Art Gallery.

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GBMS students were invited to Dragonfly Art Gallery.

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Detailed birds, beautiful flowers, and portraits. Recently, three students from GBMS were invited to attend the Dragonfly Art Gallery in Milton. The Dragonfly Gallery wants to promote, vitalize, and enrich the arts and culture of Santa Rosa County. This gallery allowed students and parents to view the art, have refreshments, and enjoy the awards ceremony. Awards were presented by superintendent Tim Wyrosdick to the top 25 artists.

Isabelle Gatmatian, 8th grade, “I enjoyed the art gallery because to experience other people’s artwork.”

 Three GBMS students received awards for being in the top 10 middle school artists in Santa Rosa County. These students were Isabelle Gatmaitan, Laney Farmer, and Madailynn Cengeri (all 8th graders). On top of that, Madailynn Cengeri, Laney Farmer, Bethany Bryant, and Emma Peterman received additional certificates and medals for their group sculpture of the Iditarod Dogs and Musher.  

Isabelle, Laney, and Maidalynn have all competed in art shows before, but all have a different reason to love art. Isabelle says, “I like art because it lets me express myself in a fun and creative way.” Isabelle was the only one from GBMS who got to physically attend the art show. While she was there, she looked at other people’s art and received a ribbon, medal, and certificate for her painting. She was excited to see her own painting on display, too. Isabelle also says, “My favorite artist is my great-aunt because I take a lot of inspiration from her artwork, which is really vibrant and has many awards.” Isabelle’s great-aunt also teachers her new techniques whenever she visits her.  

Even though Maidalynn and Laney did not get to attend the gallery, they were also invited to receive awards for being top artist. Maidalynn says art, “is big in my family,” and that’s why she enjoys it so much. Maidalynn doesn’t know why she likes art so much, “it’s just fun.” Although she does not have a favorite artist, she believes that styles are different and unique in their own way. 

Maidalynn Cengeri, 8th grade.

These students all have Ms. Rachel Hughes first period for art every day. Ms. Hughes has been teaching at GBMS for many years. She says, “It has been a blessing to work with so many talented and dedicated students.” Ms. Hughes explained that these three girls’ art pieces were chosen among the top ten strongest pieces in Santa Rosa County. Ms. Hughes also states, “These students did well because they concentrate. They are not distracted by their classmates because they get so involved in what they are doing, that they can tune everything else out.” She also said that they all have a passion for it which makes them do so well because it’s something that they all love doing. Ms. Hughes would also like to add, “…that over the years, Santa Rosa County has become more and more competitive in the visual arts.

Laney Farmer, 8th grade.

Congratulations to those from GBMS who were invited to attend the Dragonfly Art Gallery. 

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