Dumbo will have you flying to the movies

DUMBO. This movie came to theaters and had everyone going to see it.

DUMBO. This movie came to theaters and had everyone going to see it.

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 Last Friday my friends and I decided we were going to watch Dumbo. This movie was a new version of the original Dumbo made in 1941. The movie wasn’t the saddest, but it wasn’t the happiest either. It was a fictional tale about an elephant and its family (both human and elephant).  

Dumbo was set in America in 1919. The main characters are Colin Farrell (Holt), Finely Hobbins (Joe Farrier), Nico Parker (Milly Farrier), Eva Green (Colette), Michael Heaton (V.A. Vandere), Danny DeVito (Medici), and Edd Osmond (Dumbo). Holt was Milly’s and Joe’s dad. They were the owners of the mother elephant (Mrs. Jumbo). One day Milly and Joe discover a baby elephant, known as Dumbo. All of a sudden Vandere comes and takes Mrs. Jumbo. They find out that Mrs. Jumbo had a baby which had very large ears although they didn’t know why. They eventually gave the baby the name Dumbo. The movie is the family and community going through different challenges trying to earn Mrs. Jumbo back. 

The best thing in the movie in my opinion was throughout they used teamwork and were feeding off each other’s ideas. There was never a dull point in the movie; there was always something big going on. When the mom was getting taken away all the actors did an amazing job of selling it and made it seem realistic. I learned that in the end if you work for something, you will get it. I believe that others will learn the same.  

I would recommend this movie to people of all ages. Dumbo is PG meaning it might be for an older crowd but honestly, it’s a movie for everyone. Dumbo is very good. I would rate it a 4.5/5. I say everyone needs to enjoy this movie.  

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